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The world famous CryoFX® Handheld Co2 Cannon cryo special effects Gun has been the entertainment industry standard for years now! The CryoFX® Handheld Co2 Cannon Special Effects Gun has made appearances in movies, theatrical performances, sporting events, EDM Music Festivals, haunted houses, live entertainment acts, used by the Top 100 Djs in the world, and much more. Uses for the CO2 Fog Machine are unlimited. Create your own special effects like the pros using the world famous handheld co2 cannon special effect Gun from CryoFX® at your next wedding, party or DJ performance.

Shown to the right, CryoFX® Handheld Co2 Guns were used in the filming of the music video "The Hum" by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike featuring Charlee Sheen which can be seen at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yCpr2EgtD8

To get your own Handheld Cryo Gun click here: CO2 Cryo Gun
Co2 Cryo Cannon Gun for Sale
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Handheld CO2 Guns - Helpful Information on Where to Buy Cutting Edge Special Effects Equipment

Remember the days when the LN2 system was used to make effects? Remember how expensive that equipment was to install and operate? Long gone are the days of the LN2 System. Liquid Cryo CO2 has become so popular among Music Artists, Stage Production Directors, Special Effects Specialists and at nightclubs. Liquid Cryo Co2 Special Effects Equipment like the CryoFX® Co2 Cannon Handheld Gun is very easy to install, very easy to operate and most importantly it is a lot safer than Pyrotechnics Special Effects Equipment.

The main reasons why CO2 is the choice of many includes the simple truth that it is cheaper but still offers better results in creating special effects than Pyro. Pyro usually requires a permit or license to operate, have the fire marshall involved and approved and can hardly be used indoors for a wedding party or event. The CryoFX® Handheld Cryo Cannon Co2 Guns are more affordable than other units mainly because production is not a lot of work and they are a simple concept. The Co2 Guns may be sourced from numerous avenues worldwide from anywhere in the United Kingdom, Asia, China, or Japan but the highest quality and value is offered by CryoFX®, the leader of co2 special effect stage equipment. CryoFX® has a lifetime warranty on the handheld co2 cannon special effect Gun. CryoFX® is known as the worldwide leader of Co2 Special Effects Stage Equipment and can custom manufacture of top quality Handheld Cryo Guns for your wedding, party or event. The best selling items CryoFX® offers are the Dual Nozzle Cryo Blasters, Handheld Co2 Cannon Guns, Cryo Jets, Cryo Cannons, Cryo Bazookas and plenty of other models can be found online ; www.CryoFX.com

Now just about anyone can enhance their wedding party, any party or event that requires DJs, Lights and Entertainment of a crowd. Create that party atmosphere with your own special effects by using CryoFX® Handheld Co2 Gun. You're assured of maximum durability and performance because all Handheld Co2 Cannon Special Effects Guns are made of great quality by hand by the Cryo professionals at CryoFX®. All the Cryo Guns are produced using quality materials intended to last for many years up to a lifetime. CryoFX® is really a leading name with regards to manufacturing quality, durable Handheld Cryo Cannons Co2 Guns because lots of folks have testified it survived after many years of use and abuse in concerts. Moreover, companies now look up to them because they provide each and every customer with great customer service and also exceptional product warranty.

CryoFX remains to be a leader in supplying quality Handheld Cryo Guns to sports teams, night clubs and movie productions. Visit www.CryoFX.com to obtain more information if you want to buy top quality Handheld Co2 Gun and accessories.

Handheld CO2 Gun - Taking Special Effects to Another Level

Are you currently in search of an efficient solution to boost and enhance your nightclub entertainment and wow your crowd? If you are a mobile DJ or owner of a nightclub the handheld CO2 Special Effects Gun or CO2 Cannon Gun would be that one thing that will help boost your performance and enhance your stage.

The makers of portable Cryo Jet Guns as well as cutting edge CO2 Guns that are used and trusted by a lot of bar owners, nightclub owners, music producers, stage production managers, lighting special effect stage companies across America would want to make use of is CryoFX® CO2 Stage Equipment like the handheld Co2 Gun. Use Cryo special effect at your next gig and you can be sure that your performance is going to be extravagant and grand, and of course give your audience a "WOW Factor". You can produce vanishing plumes of colorful clouds and lower the temperature at your venue in just a matter of seconds. Keep your crowd in shock and wishing for more entertainment as these Handheld CO2 Gun Cannons produce dazzling-effects all-night long.

CryoFX® is a company that does really specializes in manufacturing mobile Co2 Special Effect guns as well as portable co2 jet systems. These CO2 Cryo guns were even made use of in the huge concert events of personalities just like the Pussycat Dolls, Afrojack, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Steve Aoki and many of the top 100 Djs ranked in the world. CryoFX® provides innovative Handheld Cryo Guns and Cryo jets that are intended to produce a number of the most stunning special effects.

CryoFX® CO2 products are also widely used by numerous sports teams and media organizations. Some of our clients include Scary Movie 5, DJ Bl3nd, the NFL, high schools, colleges, universities, Disney, Nissan and so much more. Exclusive nightclubs and bars in Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, California and New York are also their customers. Some spots can't keep up with cooling down huge crowds with their limited air conditioning units. The wonderful thing about these Handheld CO2 Guns is that they can produce a super cold fog that can lessen the temperature of the area within a matter of seconds. The room temperature decreases by 15-30 degrees with one short burst.

You can visit www.CryoFX.com to learn more about the Handheld CO2 Gun and also other Cryo CO2 Jet custom Systems.

Co2 Cryo Cannon Guns NOW available in Any Color: Co2 Cannon Gun

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